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Consultations: (redeemable on treatment) £35

Permanently Beautiful Eyebrows

Colour mist effect: Fully shaded.
3 Dimensional Hair Stroke effect: Fine strokes to give the illusion of hair growth.

Permanently Beautiful Eyes

Eyelash enhancement: Top only
Eyeliner, fine:Top and bottom
Eyeliner, thick:Top and bottom
Two tone eyeliner:Top and bottom
Eyeliner, ultra thick:Top and bottom

Permanently Beautiful Lips

Lip contour:No lip shading
Lip blush:Partial lip shading
Full lip tint:Full lip shading

Permanently Beautiful Face

You can save by having a full face treatment in one session - includes eyebrows,eyes and lips...

Full face treatment including lip blush, with fine eyeliner:
Full face treatment including full lip tint, with fine eyeliner:

To add thick eyeliner there is an extra £50 charge.



All the above include 1 retouch procedure within 3 months of the initial treatment.

Further retouches are recommended every 12 to 18 months to maintain a fresh look and colour, and these cost £200 per area, (£300 for full lips).  Without these regular 'top-up' treatments it may be necessary to repeat the original full treatment to maintain the desired look.

Correction and medical procedures are quoted after consultation.  Prices from £250 per session.

A non-refundable deposit of £100 per treatment is required at the time of booking.  All treatment is subject to a negative allergy patch test.



Permanent eyeliner



"Quality is remembered long after price is forgotten"

page last updated: 08/07/2014