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Eyebrow enhancement

Whether you have fair, sparse or uneven brows, or even no hair growth at all, this highly important feature can be completely recreated and designed to suit your face. 

Often brows require lift to aid in the opening of the eyes, possibly hooded through age.  Placing them in the correct position and in the correct colours, achieves a more youthful appearance, giving the look of an eye lift and reducing the appearance of your years.

3 Dimensional eyebrow hair stroke

Once the desired brow shape is drawn, incredibly fine, hair-like strokes are placed throughout the area, giving the appearance of hair growth.  This illusion takes precise care and attention to detail but the results are just amazing.

Colour mist

The shape and position is measured and perfectly drawn.  Your chosen colour is then shaded through the brow to give the soft effect of powder.

Whichever you choose, you'll have perfect eyebrows every day.


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page last updated: 08/07/2014