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What permanently beautiful's clients really think.......

"Loosing my eyebrows to alopecia totally changed the look of my face.  It was downheartening and shook my confidence.  I could draw them back on but they did not last, especially when swimming or at the gym.

"I was delighted when I met Lorette through my local beauty spa.  I had spoken with a couple of semi-permanent make-up artists previously but found them intimidating and unsympathetic.  Lorette was so welcoming, told me exactly what was involved in the procedure and gave me some simple instructions to keep my new eyebrows looking at their best.  The great thing is they look so realistic and natural.

"Spurred on by the success of my eyebrows I also had my lips coloured using semi-permanent makeup.  This was not essential but lips are often a little uneven and if you want to be 'fabulous at fifty' it all helps.  Again subtle but a face changing result!

"People keep telling me how well I look and some ask if I've had face lift.  They can't quite put a finger on what the change is - but I know its my eyebrows and lips.  Forget the creams and expensive make up!  Go for an all round 24 hour youthful look with permanent makeup."

Jenny, York. 


"Having permanent make up has given me so much more self confidence, and now having eyebrows and eyes that actually stand out, and lip definition, I suddenly like my face.  I look at myself in the mirror and smile when I see me looking back.  Not only can I now grow old gracefully but I can grow old beautifully too!"

Maureen, Leeds.


"I would highly recommend Lorette in her professional, competent and hygenic manner in performing permanent cosmetic procedures.  I have received treatments for my eyebrows, eyes and lips and was thoroughly impressed with the way it was handled, not only during the procedure but also in the initial consultation and aftercare."

Lyn, Doncaster.

"I've thought about it for so long, and now I wish I'd done it years ago"


"I now like my face when i look in the mirror"


"It's given me so much self confidence"


"The results have been outstanding"


"Lorette made me feel relaxed and at ease"


"I could not recommend Lorette more highly!


"friendly and proffesional"

I have been a client of Permanently Beautiful for the last 6 years.

Lorette is a total professional, with a friendly reassuring approach, who gave me back my confidence, when she restored the eyebrows I lost as a teenager, due to over zealous plucking.
Absolutely delighted, I went on to have my eyes and lips enhanced, the results of both of which are outstanding!
Permanent make up is a complete plus in my line of work, as I can spend prolonged periods outdoors in all weathers, & has drawn many positive (& envious) comments from both clients and colleagues.

Sallie Winterburn. Sales Consultant. North Yorkshire


Before I had my permanent lash enhancement and eyeliner I undertook lots of research as I had seen some disastrous work on other people . I understandably wanted to make sure I found the best permanent makeup technician I possibly could . Well, Lorette certainly fits the bill!
She has an eye for detail being an absolute perfectionist and is a stickler for the highest possible standards of hygiene. During the procedure she made me feel relaxed and at ease plus I have been delighted with the results. I can highly recommend Lorette.

Sharon Moore, York.


I have very fair eyelashes and without makeup my eyes always looked small and undefined. Quickly popping to the shops without mascara was risky! Why is it that you always see someone you haven't seen for ages when you do that?

I was introduced to Lorette Hague and she suggested that I have eyeliner. After a very friendly and professional consultation I had the procedure and wow have never looked back. I think it is wonderful. My eyes have definition now even without mascara.

I could not recommend Lorette more highly. Her whole approach makes you feel so special and comfortable.
Jayne Morris, Sheffield.

page last updated: 08/07/2014