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See how  the full effect of Permanent cosmetics can give such amazing results.


These photos are all  Lorette's real client's, they are to show how having all 3 treatments can make such an incredible difference to your appearance.

The full effect has defined this ladies beautiful eyes and brought colour to her face, making her just "look happier".


face with make-up

Beautiful results with eyebrows, thick eyeliner and a full lip tint.


face with make-up

Again, great results for this young lady with all 3 treatments so she can wake up looking great, each and every day.














The clever choice of colours can bring life to your features.


before photo

face before

lovely lady

full face

Maureen, a very lovely lady has been given so much confidence by having the full face treatment. She says she once again "likes herself".

older lady

lovely lady


A colour mist eyebrow treatment, along with a thick eyeliner and a full lip tint bring life and colour to this ladies face.



smiling face


Colour mist eyebrows, fine eyeliner and full lip tint bring colour and definition to this lovely ladies face.


The two shots  to the right of all 3 treatments. Showing the difference made with personal choice in effects, shapes and colours.


page last updated: 08/07/2014