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Medical - alopecia, areola, vitiligo and scars.


Hair loss due to alopecia or chemotherapy? This is immediately after the procedure. The redness will subside in 1-2 hours.


face  alopoecia hair restoration

Hair loss due to alopecia or chemotherapy? Men can benefit from permanent cosmetics too.

alopoecia  alopoecia improvement

Male eyebrow enhancement. Natural looking on alopecia sufferers.



Hair loss due to alopecia or chemotherapy? This is immediately after treatment, it will take 10-14 days for the colour to soften.


Permanent eyebrow eyebrow make-up

Permanent make-up can make a tremendous difference to people who have suffered hair-loss due to alopecia or as a side effect of chemotherapy.

Alopecia. This is immediately after the procedure and the whole look will soften in 10-14 days.

 alopoecia sufferer  alopoecia helped



The Areola can be darkened in cases of vitiligo.


vitiligo breast  vitiligo breast

Vitiligo is the patchy loss of skin pigmentation. Skillful use of permanent cosmetics can make the effects seem almost invisible. The vitiligo must have been dormant for 12 months before treatment on this condition. This treatment will require 3/4 treatments.

nipple  vitiligo nipple

Post breast surgery scarring.

breast scar 

Before                                                                After

This procedure will require 3-4 treatments.

Cosmetic surgery scarring. 

White scarring can be disguised with permanent cosmetics.


facelift scar   scar removal

facelift scar   scar

Before                                                               After

This procedure will require 2-3 treatments.

page last updated: 08/07/2014